Zero Defects

Yep, a lofty ambition, we know.

If we don’t set a high standard how do we expect to see what we are all capable of?

We know this goes against the grain but it’s the best way to think so that we are all aligned to collectively work toward higher quality each day (the alternative to this is let poorly-executed work sit until we’re at the tail end of each project).

We might not achieve the elusive zero defects, but trying from the start of the job will likely get us much closer to zero, which we can all count as a victory.

To be the most successful we can at achieving zero defects we all must agree that issues or deficiencies are the result of a failed quality process.

Failures can be overcome through a STOP – EVALUATE – CORRECT, and then move forward mentality.

By holding ourselves to higher standards throughout construction no one will get held up in the crunch time, practical completion and handover stage.

How We Will Do This

By setting clear expectations from day one of each project (or day one of a subcontractor’s involvement on a project). This is the key to better execution. We define this through:

  • specifications for minimum standards of work ¬†– READ THEM HERE
  • identify what qualifies as acceptable work. We do this through Quality Assurance (QA) Checklists to be completed and submitted with your invoice for payment
  • establishing how progress and deficiencies¬†will be reported and documented

You will receive emails from Silverback from a service called Fieldlens.

This is the tool we use to conduct thorough daily inspections. it allows us to maintain consistent documentation and clearly communicate to contractors, suppliers and clients what actions need to be taken, when to ensure that we are on track to achieving the goal.

The first time you receive a notification from Fieldlens you will be taken to the application to register as a user.

Please ensure you register. Registration only requires your name and email. That’s it. Once you’re registered you can easily keep track of notifications and update items. This will eliminate the need to masses of phone calls or emails would otherwise need to be done after hours, when you should be spending this time with your family/loved ones or relaxing.

Using Field lens, we aim to keep the work at work.

We ask that you give it a try and don’t discount how valuable this tool is for us all.