S05 Survey and Survey Marks


Note: The term contractor is used interchangeably to describe both subcontractors & suppliers

1.1.  Setting out: Refer Council Conditions of Consent and requirements.

1.2.  Provide setout confirmation by registered surveyor. Boundary identification is the Principal’s responsibility.

1.3.  Ensure boundaries are clearly identified on site.

1.4.  Check surveys: Confirm all finished setbacks prior to construction. Boundary offsets are critical and take precedence over building setout dosing dimensions.

2. Survey Marks

2.1.  Definition: The term ‘survey mark’ means a survey peg, bench mark, reference mark, signal, alignment, level mark or any other mark used or intended to be used for the purpose of setting out, checking or measuring the work.

2.2.  Care of survey marks: Preserve and maintain the survey marks in their true positions. Rectification: If the survey marks are disturbed or obliterated, immediately give notice and rectify the disturbance or obliteration.

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