SP15 Client Visitation


Construction sites in general, can be potentially dangerous as they may be home to a whole range of hazards for personnel entering these areas. Also, the risks associated with these hazards may be significantly increased in the event of visitors and others who are not aware of the site and its inherent dangers. The following procedures describe general safety precautions that must be observed by all Silverback personnel who take others onto partially completed housing sites or display premises.


Silverback and subcontracted personnel are to comply with the relevant provisions of the following procedural requirements and references. The typical hazards addressed by this procedure include:

Hazards Risk (Potential)
  • Crane collapse
  • Falling objects
  • Falls from heights
  1. Silverback clients, potential purchasers and visitors may only enter a site that is under construction if they are in close proximity to a supervising Silverback staff member who has undertaken a general construction industry induction.
  2. The visiting Silverback staff member and the visitor(s) under their supervision must wear closed in footwear as a minimum and any other item of personal protective equipment mandatory for the site.
  3. The attention of subcontractors on site is to be sought prior to entry as a means of identifying to workers that visiting persons are on site.
  4. While on site, the visiting Silverback staff member and visitor(s):
    1. Are not permitted to approach operating plant and equipment,
    2. Are to observe any safety signs erected, and
    3. Are to comply with any reasonable safety request by a subcontractor.


QLD Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, Sections 22, 28-31


(Items 1-4 & to monitor compliance with this procedure) – All Silverback Homes personnel


  • No specific records to be maintained by Silverback

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