SP12 Hazardous Substance Dangerous Goods and Lead


All persons involved in the use or handling of hazardous substances or specified dangerous goods should be familiar with the requirements of those standards appropriate to the chemicals and processes used.

The handling of hazardous substances or specified dangerous goods can be potentially hazardous, especially if:

  • the nature of the hazardous substance or specified dangerous good is particularly dangerous e.g. concentrated acids,
  • handling or processing equipment is poorly designed or inadequately maintained,
  • there are hazardous chemical reactions during processing,
  • spillage occurs, or
  • operating practices deviate from normal standards.

The principal hazards include intoxication (poisoning), fire and environmental contamination.


Hazardous substance

A substance that:

  1. is listed in the document entitled ‘List of Designated Hazardous Substances [NOHSC: 10005 (1999)]’ published by the NOHS Commission, or
  2. has been classified as a hazardous substance by the manufacturer or importer in accordance with the document entitled ‘Approved Criteria for Classifying Hazardous Substances [NOHSC: 1008 (1999)]’ published by the NOHS Commission.


Means a Material Safety Data Sheet


Of a substance, means the use, production, handling, storage, transport or disposal of the substance.


Silverback and subcontracted personnel are to comply with the relevant provisions of the following procedural requirements and references. The typical hazards addressed by this procedure include:

Hazards Risk (Potential)
  • Physical contact and specific substance effects (skin, eye, respiratory irritation, burns etc.
  • Environmental contamination
  1. A Hazardous Substances Register detailing all hazardous substances used by Silverback personnel on site is to be maintained, refer to Appendix 11. The register is to also include the current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each substance and the Registers and MSDSs of Silverback’s subcontractors on site.
  2. The register and MSDSs are to be maintained by Construction Supervisors and on the website where they can be requested by any Silverback employee or subcontracted worker on site.
  3. Each subcontractor is to supply a register of the hazardous substances they will use onsite, as well as the following:
    1. MSDS dated within the last five (5) years are to be given to Silverback as part of site specific Safety Plans/Work Method Statements,
    2. Risk assessments for each substance and its uses carried out prior to the hazardous substances being brought onto site, as part of site specific Safety Plans/Work Method Statements,
    3. Hazardous substances containers which are appropriately labelled,
    4. Work Method Statements developed for those hazardous substances or processes presenting significant risks to users,
    5. Details of instruction, training and supervisory requirements for the use of the hazardous substances, as part of site specific Safety Plans/Work Method Statements,
    6. An incombustible storage depot for any specified dangerous goods over the exemption limit detailed in the table shown above,
    7. An emergency plan developed for risks associated with any specified dangerous goods,
    8. A fire extinguisher provided to any area where a hazardous substance shows a significant fire risk,
    9. Personal protective equipment provided for use with the hazardous substances in accordance with the MSDS and Work Method Statements, and
    10. Personnel trained in the hazards associated with the hazardous substances and in the correct use and maintenance of personal protective equipment.


QLD Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 1997, Parts 9 & 13

QLD Advisory Standard: Hazardous Substances -1998

Website – Hazardous Substances Register


(Items 1-2 & to monitor compliance with this procedure) – Construction Supervisor

(Item 3 & to ensure safe use of all hazardous substances on site) – Subcontractors and Silverback personnel specifically using hazardous substances on site


A complete Hazardous Substances Register is to be maintained on file and made easily accessible to Silverback personnel


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