SP02 Personal Protective Equipment


Where a task or work process has a potential hazard, every effort should be made to eliminate, substitute or redesign the objects or task in order to control the risk factors that create that hazard. Where this is not practicable, personal protective equipment may be utilised.

Silverback is to undertake an assessment of the risk relating to “site hazards of a general nature”. This includes hazards that are created by the construction process, and could normally be expected to occur on the construction site. Hazards of a general nature place all persons on site at risk, and may or may not be related to the performance of any particular task or activity. Subcontractors are required to undertake risk assessments to assess “hazards generated by activities”.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Includes any clothing, equipment and substance designed –

  1. to be worn by a person; and
  2. to protect the person from risk of injury or disease.


Silverback and subcontracted personnel are to comply with the relevant provisions of the following procedural requirements and references. The typical hazards addressed by this procedure include:

Hazards Risk (Potential)
  • Exposure to general site hazards


  • Exposure to task specific hazards such as projectiles, falling objects, noise, heated materials etc.
  1. Hard hats are to be worn on site when personnel are working at heights in the vicinity of others and/or where there is a risk of objects falling onto others.
  2. Protective footwear is to be worn on all Silverback sites at all times unless a documented risk assessment has been undertaken to indicate otherwise and this has been supplied to and accepted by Silverback’s Construction Supervisor.
  3. Subcontractors are to wear personal protective equipment for specific construction site tasks when determined as a control measure by documented risk assessments and as per Work Method Statements.
  4. Signage is to be located in those areas specifying the wearing of personal protective equipment
  5. Where respiratory equipment or safety harnesses and belts are to be used on site, evidence that the workers have been instructed in the equipment’s safe use, inspection, cleaning, maintenance and storage is to be provided prior to work in relation to the equipment commences.
  6. Silverback supervisory personnel are to monitor personal protective equipment use as detailed in subcontractor’s health and safety documentation (Safety Plans/Work Method Statements) and the compliance of others working in areas where they may be exposed to hazards created by the subcontractor.


QLD Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, Sections 22, 28-31 & 36

QLD Advisory Standard: Personal Protective Equipment in Building and Construction – 1999


(Items 1, 2, 4, 6 & to monitor compliance with this procedure) – Construction Supervisor

(Items 1-3, 5, 6 & to ensure all personal protective equipment requirements as per mandatory site requirements and Work Method Statements are met) – Subcontractors and Silverback personnel working on site


• No specific records to be maintained by Silverback

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