SP01 Housekeeping and Cleaning


Generally speaking, a clean workplace is a safer workplace and work output and efficiency will increase if the site is kept free of obstructions and tripping hazards. There are also specific legislative requirements that require that the Principal Contractor establish and maintain an orderly workplace environment.
Issues which Silverback will need to address with subcontractors on site on an ongoing basis include, but are not limited to the following,

  •  keeping stairs, ramps and access ways cleared regularly and free from obstructions,
  • ensuring materials are stacked and stored correctly,
  • the need to de-nail timber or ply progressively,
  • the need to break off explosive powered tool nails (tool required),
  • ensuring all amenities are kept clean and hygienic, and
  • ensuring rubbish is are removed from site on a regular basis.

Silverback and subcontracted personnel are to comply with the relevant provisions of the following procedural requirements and references. The typical hazards addressed by this procedure include:

Hazards Risk (Potential)
• Slips, trips and falls Moderate – High
• Falling objects
• Lacerations
  1. An appropriate, safe and clear access to and from the workplace is to be ensured by subcontractors and Silverback personnel at all times.
  2. Silverback is to ensure that an adequate number of safety signs are safely erected to provide guidance and warnings to subcontractors and members of the public.
  3. An adequate system for collecting, storing and disposing of excess waste materials is to be provided by Silverback throughout the entire duration of its construction activities on site.
  4. Silverback is to ensure that there is enough space to safely store materials, plant and equipment on site.
  5. Silverback is to monitor that subcontractors maintain work areas that are clear of rubbish and that they keep materials stacked and stored correctly and in designated areas on site.
  6. Silverback is to take measures that enable amenities to be regularly cleaned.
  7. Informal regular walk-throughs and documented periodic inspections conducted by Silverback sitesupervisory personnel are to be used to ensure compliance of these issues on site.

QLD Workplace Health & Safety Regulation 1997, Part 8A AS1470-1986: Health & Safety at Work – Principles & Practices

(Items 1-7 & to monitor compliance with this procedure) – Construction Supervisor

(Item 1, 5 & to ensure adequate housekeeping and safe storage practices are employed) – Subcontractors and Silverback personnel working on site

• No specific records to be maintained by Silverback

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