S07 Damp-proof Membrane


Note: The term contractor is used interchangeably to describe both subcontractors & suppliers

1. Damp-proof Membrane

1.1.  Lay on approved 50mm thick sand blinding. Where necessary, cut sheets to maximum practical width, to suit the layout, and arrange laps to face away from the direction of the pour. Provide laps as recommended by the manufacturer, but not less than 200mm. Seal laps with pressure adhesives or tapes as recommended by the manufacturer of the underlay and ensure that the adhered surface of the underlay is dry and clean.

1.2.  Take the underlay up walls to level of top of future concrete slab or as otherwise instructed. Seal service pipes and similar elements when they penetrate the underlay. Allow ample slack to avoid pulling at tape junctions.

1.3.  Cover vertical or inclined surfaces in an unbroken sheet where possible. Otherwise arrange laps vertically to avoid pulling at joints. Fix at the top with tape or other recommended fixing.

1.4.  Inspect membrane after laying and before concrete is poured. Patch and seal punctures.

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