Return To Work

Silverback Pty Ltd is committed to providing a safe workplace, free of injury and disease, however in the event that a worker in injured during this project, strategies will be in place to ensure early intervention and support is available.

Silverback Pty Ltd will ensure that workers are informed about their rights and responsibilities if they are injured on the job. Information posters (provided by Insuring agents and State Regulators) will be posted in accessible areas and workers will be consulted about this upon initial employment and periodically during their employment. Worker injury claim forms will be available from the nominated Return To Work Coordinator (and Australia Post offices).

A suitably competent person will be appointed as a Return to Work Coordinator. The RTW Coordinator for this project is (insert name and job title)

Upon receipt of a Worker’s Injury Claim form, Silverback Pty Ltd will make contact with their insuring agent within required timeframes. If a worker is unable to perform their pre-injury duties due to injury/illness, RTW strategies will be implemented upon receipt of the certificate of capacity from a registered medical provider.

The RTW Coordinator will consult with the injured worker, the treating medical provider and occupational rehabilitation provider (with permission from the injured worker) to assist the worker to return to work on acceptable/ agreed modified or light duties wherever possible.

Silverback Pty Ltd is committed to providing support, aid, modified work environment and meaningful work for the time that the injured worker is incapacitated (or for a period required by the State Authority) and to ensure the workers can return to their pre-injury employment when they are at full capacity.

The RTW Coordinator will monitor return to work strategies and maintain regular contact between the workers and all treatment providers.

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