Responsibility Statement Trades and Staff


  1. The responsibilities of trades & staff within Silverback include, but are not limited to the following:
  2. To know and work in accordance with Silverback’s OH&S Management Systems.
  3. To co—operate and comply with all safety instructions given by Construction Supervisors and Silverback’s management team.
  4. To immediately notify a Construction Supervisor or Manager of any unsafe situation and not to work in any way that could endanger themselves or their fellow workers.
  5. To use appropriate personal protective equipment where required and to report any breakages or failures that need replacement or rectification.
  6. To ensure any item, sign, barrier, guard. equipment, etc provided to ensure health and safety of personnel on site is not tampered with, modified or removed.
  7. To suggest ways of eliminating hazards and improving occupational health and safety at the workplace and on site.
  8. To work in accordance with established employer and subcontractor work method statements, procedures or plans where relevant.

I agree to adhere to the health and safety procedures as outlined in the Silverback OH&S Manual and will comply with any reasonable health and/or safety instruction. I acknowledge receipt and understand my responsibilities as set out In my responsibility statement. I also agree to work with Silverback to ensure a healthy and safe workplace is achieved and maintained.




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