Purchasing and Delivery of Goods and Services

Silverback Pty Ltd will ensure suitable consideration is given when purchasing equipment, materials, facilities, substances that may have an adverse impact on health and safety.

Silverback Pty Ltd will also consider WHS matters applicable to the use of contractors and labour hire workers.

Silverback Pty Ltd will implement a purchasing policy that incorporates the following:

  • Specific guidelines for any person who purchases, leases or hires goods and services
  • Training provided for any person responsible for the above
  • Consideration of the following:
    • Consultation with relevant persons
    • Specify WHS requirements with supplier before purchasing
    • Determine WHS risks and conduct risk assessments where required
    • Obtain WHS information, manuals, instructions, design specifications
    • Ensure compliance with legislation, Australian Standards etc.
    • Worker capability/training/licensing requirements
    • Choosing best practice/least hazardous options
    • Adequate documentation/records kept
    • Monitor use to identify new or changing hazards as a result of new equipment, substances or work practices.

Relevant WHS information will also be provided to the Principal Contractor by Silverback Pty Ltd when delivering goods.

All deliveries must be planned, coordinated and carried out in consultation with relevant workers, supervisors and management to ensure the delivery does not negatively impact on any persons at the worksite and to minimise disruption to workflow of the project.

Regular inspections will be conducted to ensure the relevant purchasing and delivery policies and procedures are being adhered to.

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