This manual has been developed by Silverback Pty Ltd in conjunction with Health, Safety and Risk Management Consultants – SafetyCulture.

The manual provides specific procedures and direction on how Silverback is to achieve its Health and Safety Policy objectives and comply with its statutory obligations. This manual has also been designed to ensure a uniformed approach is adopted where possible on all projects with regard to health and safety issues. Silverback and its personnel understand that achieving and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment and culture is a shared responsibility of all company representatives and contracted parties.

In addition to this Management Manual, all projects are to produce a Construction Workplace Plan for the project. This Plan must state the identified hazards, the assessed risks, controls to be implemented and the monitoring and review procedures for the specific project.

Silverback’s Construction Workplace Plan for each project should, where possible, adopt the procedures documented in this manual as a minimum standard. The procedures should also be used to assist in reviewing subcontractor’s Work Method Statements/Site Specific Health and Safety documentation for each project.

This Manual is available to parties outside Silverback, including subcontractors, suppliers and clients for reference regarding health and safety issues. Enabling this manual to be viewed by these parties however, does not relieve them of their duties under statutory requirements and it must be understood that this manual serves as a statement of intent regarding Silverback’s high priority to maintain safe and healthy projects. As such, it is also the responsibility of other parties to be informed in respect to legislative requirements and changes that may affect their personnel or levels of health and safety compliance.

Where deficiencies are identified, changes occur in Silverback’s management of Health and Safety or improvements are recommended for the contents of this manual, an Amendment Recommendations Form, see section titles the same, is to be photocopied, completed and sent to a Construction Supervisor/Manager for review at the next Silverback Company Safety Committee Meeting.

No part of this manual may be copied, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system in any form, or transmitted by any means without prior written permission of Silverback Pty Ltd

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