MP09 Preparing Construction Workplace Plans


Prior to work commencing on any Silverback project, health and safety planning for the project must have commenced. Included in this planning process is the requirement for Silverback to develop a site specific Construction Workplace Plan. This Plan is designed to detail the specific activities required to be undertaken in the scope of work for the project and manage health and safety hazards through a risk management approach.

This procedure and the requirement to develop a Construction Workplace Plan applies to all construction projects undertaken by Silverback.


Construction Workplace Plan

For a construction workplace, is a plan stating:

  1. a) the address of the workplace, and
  2. b) the name and address of the principal contractor for the workplace, and
  3. c) if the principal contractor has an ABN, the ABN, and
  4. d) whether there is a workplace health and safety committee for the workplace, and
  5. e) whether there is a workplace health and safety officer appointed, and
  6. f) when the construction work is expected to start at the workplace, and
  7. g) the principal contractor’s estimate of how long the construction work will take, and
  8. h) the type of construction work to be done at the workplace, and
  9. i) the risks at the workplace for which the principal contractor owes a workplace health and safety obligation, and
  10. j) the proposed control measures to prevent, or minimise the level of the risks, and
  11. k) how the principal contractor proposed to ensure the proposed control measures are implemented and how the principal contractor proposes to monitor and review the effectiveness of the proposed control measures, and
  12. the site rules, and
  13. the emergency procedures for the workplace, and
  14. how the principal contractor proposes to discharge his/her WH&S obligation to ensure activities at the workplace are safe and without risk to members of the public at or near the workplace, and the plant to be provided for common use at the workplace.


  1. Consultation between the Construction Supervisor, Contract Administrator and WH&S Officer (where deemed necessary) is to be undertaken to:
    1. discuss the Health and Safety objectives of the project,
    2. draft a Construction Workplace Plan for the project,
    3. review and finalise the Plan for use at the project.
  2. A copy of the completed Plan is to be maintained by the Construction Supervisor for the project and accessible on site during all visits.
  3. A copy of the completed Plan is to also be maintained on the company website register &  in a form capable of being sent to subcontractors upon request.
  4. Any modifications or additions to the Plan over the scope of the project are to be communicated to all relevant subcontractors on site. This may include the provision of written information to specific contractors or on-site consultation as required.
  5. Subcontractor Work Method Statements/Safety Plans as required for high-risk construction activities and as deemed appropriate by Silverback, are to be kept with the Construction Workplace Plan by the Construction Supervisor.


QLD Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 1997, Part 8 

Silverback Template Construction Workplace Plan & register located HERE


(Item 1 & 3) – Construction Supervisor, Contract Administrator &/or WH&S Officer

(Items 2, 4 & 5) – Construction Supervisor &/or WH&S Officer


  • The Construction Workplace Plan (and all relevant contents) is to be maintained by the Construction Supervisor with an initial copy maintained on the company website 
  • Updates made to the workplace plan will be reflected immediately on the website and available to all trades, suppliers and the public

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