MP07 First Aid


In the event of an accident or of a minor injury occurring on site, it is important that a person should be able to quickly and easily access first aid and/or medical attention. In addition, all personnel should be aware of their responsibilities with respect to such a situation.

To achieve this, a clear plan and system needs to be put in place so that all parties know what to do.

The choice of first aid facilities and services should be based on the number of workers on site, nature of the work and inherent hazards, size and layout of the workplace and the location of the workplace.

This procedure and the need for effective first aid planning and the provision of adequate first aid supplies, applies to all Silverback construction activities.


  1. Subcontractors are to be informed by the Construction Workplace Plan that they are responsible for providing their own first aid supplies while working on site.
  2. Construction supervisors are to maintain and re-stock a basic first aid kit within the vehicles they use to access sites.
  3. Emergency contact names, numbers and address of the nearest medical centre are to be recorded in the Construction Workplace Plan.
  4. Silverback personnel and subcontractors are to report, either verbally or via a written form, all first aid incidents.
  5. Where a site incident is deemed more serious than a basic first aid incident, site personnel
    1. Organise for the injured person to be taken to the nearest medical centre/hospital, (Ph: 000), and
    2. Contact Silverback’s Construction Supervisor for the site as soon as practicable following the incident.


QLD Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 1995, Sections 54, 55 and Schedule 8

QLD Advisory Standard. First Aid – 2000

QLD Advisory Standard: Construction Workplace Amenities – 2000


(Items 1-4) – Construction Supervisor &/or WH&S Officer

(Item 5) – All Silverback and subcontracted personnel

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