MP01 WH&S Policy Statement & Communication



Silverback Pty Ltd is committed to striving for the highest safety standards and to communicating the company’s objectives in the area of health and safety. A written policy statement is not mandatory under the Workplace Health and Safety legislation, however, it is the preferred method of Silverback to communicate their health and safety goals and objectives to large numbers of staff, subcontractors and suppliers.

This policy applies to all operations of Silverback.


  1. The Director is to discuss the contents of the proposed WH&S Policy Statement, refer to THIS PAGE, with key management personnel to make any amendments as deemed necessary and to finalise the content of the Statement.
  2. The final draft is to be approved by the company WH&S Committee and formally acknowledged (signed off) by the Director.
  3. The Policy Statement is to be reviewed, formally signed off and re-issued every two years.
  4. The Policy Statement is to be displayed throughout the Silverback head office and included inall site specific Construction Workplace Plans developed.
  5. All new company employees are to be shown the Policy Statement and advised to acquaintthemselves to its specific content.


QLD Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, Sections 28, 30 & 31 AS1470 – 1986: Health and Safety at Work – Principles and Practices WH&S Policy Statement FOUND HERE


(Items 1-4) – Director and Company WH&S Committee members (Items 4 & 5) – Construction Supervisor &/or WH&S Officer


  • Signed, current Policy Statement to be displayed at the head office.
  • A copy of the Policy Statement is to be included within Construction Workplace Plans.

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