Information Training And Instructions

1. Silverback Pty Ltd acknowledges its duty of care to ensure that workers are adequately trained to a level of competency sufficient to ensure their health and safety when at work

2. All workers and sub-contractors onsite will require General Construction Induction Card

3. Further to the General Induction Training required for all construction workers, Silverback Pty Ltd will provide a site-specific induction for all workers, labour-hire workers and contractors prior to any work being conducted for this project.

4. Visitors to the site will be supervised at all times and given a specific induction as required.

5. The Site Induction Checklist (Appendix R) will be utilised for workers, labour-hire workers and contractors for the site-specific inductions

6. Site Safety Rules (Appendix S), which are specific to the site, are displayed where they are accessible to relevant persons

7. Where specific qualifications, certification or licensing is required the Site Manager will ensure that only suitably qualified persons operate machinery or perform the specified task (e.g. License to Perform High-Risk Work)

8. Training records will be maintained and updated regularly

9. Where skill deficiencies are detected appropriate training will be provided in a timely manner so that workers can perform their designated duties safely and in accordance with legal obligations

10. The Site Manager will ensure that all workers under their control have received training in accordance with the current Competency Guide

11. Training will be provided formally via Registered Training Organisations where required. Informal training will consist of one-one direct information, instruction and training and Toolbox (insert other forum if applicable) meetings.

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