Incident Management

Silverback Pty Ltd will ensure all health and safety incidents are reported, documented and investigated. Incidents include:

  • Work-related injury
  • Work-related fatality
  • Work-related illness or disease
  • Near miss (where a fatality, injury or illness could have occurred, but in that instance, no injuries were reported).

All incidents must be reported and recorded on an Incident Report Form (Appendix D-Attached) and submitted to the Site Manager before the end of the shift.   Where possible, the injured worker must complete the forms required and assistance can be obtained from Anthony Painter or 0429887292 and the relevant HSR’s to complete and submit the form.

For any near miss that occurs, the Hazard Report Form (Appendix E) should be completed and submitted to the Site Manager. Workers, Management and HSR’s can complete and submit this form after a near miss occurs, or proactively if a hazard is observed.

In circumstances where there is a high or extreme risk, work must cease and the hazard reported immediately to management via telephone or in person.

Incident Reporting Flow Chart (attached)

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