High Risk Construction Work

Silverback Pty Ltd is obligated under the WHS Regulations to protect workers and others from the risk of serious injury or death from the conduct of High-Risk Construction Work, as defined in WHS legislation.

Silverback Pty Ltd will actively work towards eliminating or reducing the number and severity of High-Risk Construction Work incidents by implementing comprehensive risk management procedures to identify and manage high-risk hazards and the associated risks arising from those hazards.

Dependent upon the nature of the High-Risk Work, the site and other potential hazards, High-Risk Construction Work procedures and tools may include a combination of the following:

  • High-Risk Work Licence
  • Risk Assessment (Appendix C)
  • SWMS (Appendix G)
  • JSA (Appendix K)
  • Hot Work Permit (Appendix L)
  • Confined Spaces Entry Permit
  • Noise Assessment, Control, and monitoring
  • Falls prevention and protection
  • Health Monitoring.

Relevant documentation and consultation will be provided by Silverback Pty Ltd if High-Risk Construction Work is to be carried out during this project.

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