Hazard Identification

Utilizing consultative arrangements in place, Silverback Pty Ltd will identify all reasonably foreseeable hazards that may give risk for workers, contractors, and others such as visitors and members of the public.

Where identified hazards and risks are well known and subjected to accepted risk control measures, no Risk Assessment will be required and risk controls can be implemented. Where Risk Assessments are required, Silverback Pty Ltd will use recognized risk matrices and follow the “Hierarchy of Control” to select appropriate risk controls and solutions. Controls will also be selected as per the requirements of Regulations. A Risk Assessment Matrix that accompanies each Risk Assessment Form is used to assist in determining risk levels.

Hazards/risks will be compiled using the Risk Register. Priority for implementing risk controls will be given to Acute and High-Risk tasks. Where a task is considered medium or low risk, controls will be implemented within reasonably practicable timeframes. Implementation of suitable controls will be supported by the development of procedures, SWMS, information, training, and adequate supervision.

Risk controls will be maintained, monitored and reviewed to ensure they are suitable for the task, installed/used correctly and they remain effective for the duration of the task.

Reviews of controls will take place on regularly, and in the event of any of the following:

  • If the control failed to reduce the risk adequately
  • Changes to the workplace occur that may create new or different risks where the control may no longer be effective
  • New hazards are identified
  • Consultation with relevant persons indicate that a review of the control is needed
  • A Health and Safety Representative requests a review in line with the requirements of the WHS Regulations 2011.

The process of hazard identification, Risk Assessment and control is an on-going process and will be conducted in full consultation with relevant persons for the duration of the project.

To document/report an observed or encountered hazard or risk, please use THIS FORM

To report the hazard with Silverback and all site personnel please upload your hazard report to the register – LOCATED HERE

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