Emergency Management

Silverback Pty Ltd workers will follow the site’s Emergency Management Plan, which is implemented by the Principal Contractor on the project.

An emergency is any incident outlined below that requires immediate action to make safe:

  1. Any actual incident that has the capacity to cause death or serious harm
  2. Any potential incident that has a high probability of causing death or serious harm
  3. Any actual or potential incident that has a high probability of causing harm to the environment or property.

General Emergency Response Procedure

  1. CALL 000 (112 if calling from a mobile/cell phone)
  2. State type & scale of emergency
  3. State Site Name & location NAME
  4. Number of casualties if applicable
  5. Hazards that may be involved such as chemicals or fuel
  6. Specific access location on site e.g. street access/side entrance
  7. Provide contact name & phone number
  8. Answer all questions & follow instructions given by the emergency operator

Fire Extinguisher Use

  1. Only attempt to extinguish fire if it can be put out quickly. IF UNSURE EVACUATE
  2. Consider if electricity is involved (do not use water)
  3. Select the appropriate fire extinguisher for the material burning
  4. Pull pin from handle
  5. Quickly test by squeezing the handle
  6. Aim the nozzle at base of fire
  7. Squeeze handle and move nozzle in a sweeping motion until fire is extinguished

First Aid

All workers will be provided access to first aid equipment and trained first aid personnel. An appropriate number of first aid personnel will be available at all times with consideration of:

  • Number, location and content of equipment
  • First Aid procedures
  • Number of required trained personnel (including access for sub-contractors as needed)
  • Signage
  • No first aider will attempt first aid beyond their training or experience.

Refer to the relevant Australian Standards and WHS Regulations for further information

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