Electrical Safety

Silverback Pty Ltd will ensure electrical hazards are identified and any work conducted on, or near electrical installations will be subject to a detailed risk assessment. Risk controls will be implemented following the management principles outlined in this WHSMP.  Relevant information concerning electrical safety will be communicated to other Duty Holders (such as contractors) where required.

Silverback Pty Ltd prohibits works to be conducted on live or energised electrical installations and equipment. Where work must be undertaken on live equipment, documented hazard identification and risk assessment will be conducted. Only suitably competent and qualified persons (licensed electricians) may work on energised electrical equipment and only under strictly enforced SWMS where suitable PPE and equipment is utilised.

Silverback Pty Ltd will ensure, where work is conducted near overhead electric lines and/or underground electrical utilities, the hazards will be identified and suitable controls implemented according to State Authority requirements.

Where possible, the relevant Authority will be contacted to ensure power to the area can be isolated. If this is not possible, work will be conducted in the safest manner possible. For overhead electric lines, equipment with design envelopes that will not reach into danger / prohibited No Go Zones will be used. Dedicated Spotters and risk assessments / SWMS will be undertaken/ implemented accordingly.

All underground electrical hazards will be marked and communicated to workers. Silverback Pty Ltd will not permit workers to dig in areas where live-electrical lines are buried. Specialised equipment (such as hydro-excavation equipment) will be utilised to reduce risk.

Where Silverback Pty Ltd has management control, all electrical installations on site (including switchboards and temporary electrical installations) will be installed by qualified and licensed persons (such as electricians). All electrical installations will comply with relevant Australian Standards. Electrical installations will be provided with Residual Current Devices (safety switches) relevant for the type of installation and use.

All electrical equipment must be visually inspected before use and tested/tagged (within 3 months of last test/tag date) as per relevant Australian Standards Silverback Pty Ltd will ensure that all sub-contractors will bring only compliant electrical leads/equipment onto the site.  See Electrical Equipment Register (Appendix I) for all electrical equipment used as part of this project.

Regular inspections will be undertaken by a Silverback Pty Ltd representative at regular intervals to ensure all electrical leads and equipment are within test date, supplied with a compliant tag, in good condition and used/ handled in a safe manner. The scope of the inspections will include verification that electrical leads and extension leads are not placed in areas that may pose tripping hazards, on or near water or chemicals (or other deteriorating agents), not exposed to mechanical damage (from power tools) and suitable lead-stands are provided to keep leads off the ground.

Silverback Pty Ltd representative, Anthony Painter will ensure compliance with the above-mentioned issues.  The Electrical Safety Checklist (Appendix J) and Electrical Equipment Register will be completed by (insert name) before work begins and periodically throughout the duration of the project in line with agreed audit timeframes.

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