Contractor Management

Silverback Pty Ltd will ensure that all contractors, subcontractors and relevant workers of subcontractors are provided with sufficient information and instruction, to ensure their health and safety throughout this project. The parties will have access to this WHSMP, site rules, site inductions, consultative arrangements, relevant risk assessments, SWMS and other safety procedures, first aid facilities, amenities and emergency procedures.

Contractors and subcontractors must also provide similar documentation to Silverback Pty Ltd before work commences and during the project as relevant. See below:

Prior to allocation of contract:

  • Copies of relevant permits, licences, certificates, WorkCover insurance information
  • Public liability insurance information / other insurances as relevant
  • SWMS or documented safety instructions for intended tasks
  • Evidence of an adequate WHS Management System including processes for consultation, hazard identification, risk assessment, selection of controls, incident management, maintenance records, etc.
  • Prior health and safety violations/ infringements or convictions and what was done to rectify these matters.

On award of contract:

  • Copies of Site-specific SWMS, risk assessments and other documented safety information relevant to this project
  • Relevant training records for any person working onsite (including General Construction Induction Card)
  • Evidence of the method for supervision for all workers
  • Existing health and safety consultative arrangements (including any existing work groups, elected HSR’s and Deputy HSR’s)
  • Contact numbers for management representatives.

During the project:

Contractors, subcontractors and their relevant workers must:

  • Follow site safety rules
  • Follow traffic management plans for site
  • Follow site-specific SWMS
  • Ensure all activities performed are in line with WHS legislation
  • Conduct their work in a manner that does not put others at risk from their actions or inactions
  • Participate in consultative arrangements and inform others of potential health and safety risks that may arise from their activities
  • Report any near miss, injury or illness that occurred as part of this project
  • Not bring any items onto site that are not maintained adequately or unsafe in any way
  • Complete all documentation as required
  • Treat all shared amenities with respect.

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