Code Of Conduct

Subcontractors, workers & staff are to ensure that:

  1. Alcohol & drugs are not to be consumed before, during site work or about the site – ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY
  2. I will not start or complete any work in or around the job site is alcohol or drugs affect me
  3. no dogs are allowed on site
  4. I will not drive at an unsafe speed or in an inconsiderate manner within the site limits or at the workplace
  5. Loud or offensive language is not used on, in or about the site such that neighbours or others may be offended
  6. If water or power is required from a neighbour they MUST knock on the door, ask for permission to use or connect to services BEFORE doing so
  7. They MUST offer the neighbour $25 for the term of use if permission is not immediately granted. they will be reimbursed once Silverback is notified of the service usage
  8. If neighbour is not available you must write your name & phone number on a note and post the note in the neighbour’s letterbox asking them to call you so you can ask to use their services, the payment for usage & ask for permission
  9. The site is to be maintained in a clean and tidy manner at all times, including safe storage practices

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