Lot 75 Bonn Street Greenbank Site Safety Plan



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Name: Anthony Painter | Dated: 24th November 2017


Project Address: Lot 75 Bonn Street Greenbank QLD 4124

Project Description: New residential house construction comprising slab on ground, timber frame & trusses, external concrete and landscaping works.

Start Date:  21st January 2017

Finish Date:  1st April 2017


Builder: New Ark Homes Pty Ltd 
WH&S Officer: Anthony Painter 
WH&S Committee Established: No
Site-specific WH&S officer appointed: No


  1. Ensure the situation is safe to access injured parties
  2. Administer immediate first aid, ring for ambulance where appropriate or attend medical centre
  3. Contact emergency services (if required)
  4. Notify New Ark Homes supervisory personnel – (click button below to call) or email: newarkhomes@outlook.com and
  5. Complete an incident report form LOCATED HERE


Subcontractors, workers & New Ark staff are to ensure that:

  • they have received general induction training – read this plan and complete the site specific induction form – COMPLETE THE SITE SPECIFIC INDUCTION HERE
  • both my workers & myself are competent in the work we carry out
  • safety plans, safe work method statements (SWMS), job safety analysis, material safety data sheets have been submitted to New Ark as needed, before work is started on site
  • provide a SWMS (where required to) with the appropriate information – USE THIS TEMPLATE
  • they have reviewed their SWMS to ensure it meets minimum standards – USE THIS CHECKLIST
  • provide a job safety analysis (JSA) where required – USE THIS TEMPLATE or VISIT THE WEBSITE to download a copy, fill out then
  • they report all OH&S incidents, injuries & site emergencies to New Ark supervisors
  • they comply with signage erected on site
  • they have a first aid kit accessible/onsite at all times
  • hazardous substances used on-site must be identified and described in the hazardous substance register & have a Material Safety Data Sheet (available from supplier/manufacturer/distributor) which must be uploaded to the MSDS register – UPLOAD HERE – VIEW THE REGISTER HERE
  • they check the MSDS & Hazardous Substance register before starting work on site – VIEW THE REGISTER HERE
  • they check the Hazards & Risk register before starting work on site – VIEW THE REGISTER HERE
  • they use the Contractor Hazard Report Form to report hazards encountered onsite – you can download a copy of the report form DOWNLOAD HERE
  • they communicate any identified hazard with all personnel by uploading the completed hazard report form to the hazard & risk register – SUBMIT TO THE REGISTER CLICK HERE
  • personal protective equipment is used at all times
  • ladders must be of an industrial standard
  • they will place all building waste, food scraps, icebreakers, papers, cans, bottles in the rubbish bin provided
  • they use proper lifting technique for light items & use mechanical means for heavier items
  • they use site & task specific personal protective equipment, including clothing & sunscreen
  • if at risk of falling from a height or working at heights above 2m, a method of fall protection is implemented
  • they do not alter scaffold, working platforms without notifying New Ark site personnel
  • all electrical equipment & tools have been tested & tagged within the last 6 months
  • they supply their own first aid provisions
  • all subcontractors, employees & workers have a general safety induction card
  • toilets on site or in the proximity to the site are to be used
  • employer & New Ark safety plan & work method statement provisions are to be complied with (that’s this document).


  • alcohol & drugs are not to be consumed before, during site work or about the site – ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY
  • I will not start or complete any work in or around the job site is alcohol or drugs affect me
  • no dogs are allowed on site
  • I will not drive at an unsafe speed or in an inconsiderate manner within the site limits or at the workplace
  • loud or offensive language is not used on, in or about the site such that neighbours or others may be offended
  • if water or power is required from a neighbour they MUST knock on the door, ask for permission to use or connect to services BEFORE doing so
  • they MUST offer the neighbour $25 for the term of use if permission is not immediately granted. they will be reimbursed once New Ark is notified of the service usage
  • if the neighbour(s) is not available they must write their name & phone number on a note and post the note in the neighbour’s letterbox asking them to call you so you can ask to use their services, advise them of the payment for usage & get permission
  • the site is to be maintained in a clean and tidy manner at all times, including safe storage practices



Can be viewed by clicking THIS LINK


Can be viewed by clicking THIS LINK


Can be viewed by clicking THIS LINK



Identified below are details outlining how New Ark proposes to ensure activities at the site are undertaken in a safe manner and without risk to members of the public at or near the site location.

Public Protection Controls: identified as needed to be implemented

Signage:  Builders sign, safety sign notifying “Construction Site, No Unauthorised Entry”

Barricade tape:  Used as required to isolate issues identified

Barricade mesh:  Used as required onsite to isolate safety issues identified.

Temporary fencing:  Used as required onsite to isolate safety issues identified.

Other:  N/A

Details: location, times, time frames for control, who will monitor, etc



Identified below are details outlining the common plant items New Ark proposes to provide and maintain for safe use at the site location.

Common plant items (identified as needed to be provided on site)
  • Fixed scaffolding
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Electrical switchboard
  • 1800 mm chain wire perimeter fence
  • Signage
  • Rubbish skip and removal
  • Temporary toilets
Details: location, times, time frames for control, who will erect, monitor, inspect, etc
  • Fixed scaffolding
    • LOCATION: Perimeter scaffold
    • TIMES: erected after first floor framing complete prior to start of second-floor board laying,
    • WHO WIL ERECT: erected by licensed scaffolders,
    • MONITOR: monitored by site supervisor periodically at each site visit (do not modify unless licensed to do so)
    • INSPECT:
  • Mobile scaffolding
    • LOCATION: various site locations
    • TIMES: Frame stage, Cladding Stage, Fixing Stage
    • WHO WIL ERECT: Scaffold company, Supplier or Licensed/Responsible Person
    • MONITOR: Construction Supervisor & Contractors
    • INSPECT: Construction Supervisor
  • Electrical switchboard
    • LOCATION: Meterbox
    • TIMES: All times once erected onsite from drainage stage
    • WHO WIL ERECT: Electrician
    • MONITOR: Construction Supervisors & Contractors
    • INSPECT: Construction Supervisor
  • 1800 mm chain wire perimeter fence
    • LOCATION: Site boundaries as required to isolate construction site or areas identified as high risk
    • TIMES: Various throughout construction, or may not be required
    • WHO WIL ERECT: Supplier
    • MONITOR: Construction Supervisor & Contractors
    • INSPECT: Construction Supervisor
  • Signage
    • LOCATION: Front of site
    • TIMES: All times during construction
    • WHO WIL ERECT: Construction Supervisor
    • MONITOR: Construction Supervisor
    • INSPECT: Construction Supervisor
  • Rubbish skip and removal
    • LOCATION: Front of site or rear of site depending on site access
    • TIMES: Prior to Base Stage until Practical Completion Stage
    • WHO WIL ERECT: Delivered by Supplier
    • MONITOR: Construction Supervisor
    • INSPECT: Construction Supervisor
  • Temporary toilets
    • LOCATION: Front of site inside site boundaries (located behind survey pegs), not located on top of service pits
    • TIMES: Front of site
    • WHO WIL ERECT: Delivered by Supplier
    • MONITOR: Construction Supervisor
    • INSPECT: Construction Supervisor



Identified below are the specific New Ark OH&S construction activity procedures that are to be adopted as part of the site works. These procedures are maintained by all New Ark Supervisors and shall be available for viewing and downloading from the New Ark site website https://site.sbk.io 

They identify key activity hazards, potential risk levels and key control & monitoring requirements.

SP:01 – Housekeeping/cleaning – READ HERE – Use Without Alteration

SP:02 – Personal protective equipment – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:03 – Electricity & portable power tool use – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:04 – Excavation & Trenching – READ HERE Use Without Alteration

SP:05 – Starter bars- READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:06 – Safe use of ladders – READ HERE Use Without Alteration

SP:07 – Working at heights – READ HERE Use Without Alteration

SP:08 Barricades, falling objects & public protection – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:09 Fire protection – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:10 Noise – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:11 Manual handling – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:12 Hazardous substances – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:13 Concrete pumping – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:14 Contracted crane activities – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

SP:15 Client & public visitation – READ HERE  Use Without Alteration

Where an SWMS,/JSA has been identified as required this is to be completed (CLICK HERE FOR A SWMS TEMPLATE) and posted to the SWMS/JSA register, LOCATED HERE, and communicated to all relevant personnel as deemed appropriate. The JSA/SWMS may also be forwarded to specific contractors or included within the onsite register/information pack. A JSA/SWMS may also be developed to a process not identified in the above listing.

Please check the SWMS/JSA register, VIEW THE REGISTER HERE, before starting work and search for all work that you may be affected by. Read the SWMS/JSA and understand how not to be affected by “high-risk” work.


Project Hazard / Risk – To prevent

Methods of Control that may be used

1. Unauthorised access from public

Boundary fencing 1800 mm high
Signage – general access – visitors to report etc
Control of Subcontractors access & traffic & vehicles for delivery see above for public access protection

2. General construction site hazards

Supervision and enforcement

3. Health issues – site amenities

Drinking water, Toilets
Washing facilities Lunch areas

4. Electrocution from general supply of electricity onto site

RCD testings on connection
Regular RCD tests ie: monthly weekly etc to check

5. Overhead electrical lines contact with onsite cranes or mobile cranes or other trucks

Line protection – arrange with electrical authority if required

6. Worker exposure to general housekeeping hazards & access to site

Entrance site kept clear at all times Equipment and materials not left on footpath

Signs at site entrance – PC name, clear access to be maintained, mandatory PPE

Provision of rubbish skip for all general construction waste / rubbish

All rubbish to be put into this skip before leaving site each day

Special waste skips and disposal e.g.: glass or SMF

Storage of excess material or equipment not on scaffolding or in access ways to building

Material and plant to be safely stored within boundary fence, next to entry gate.

Site supervisor to monitor housekeeping practices

Housekeeping information provided to subcontractors at pre-work meetings and tool box talks.

7. Exposure to underground services during excavation e.g.: gas, water or electrical ,other

Identify location and type of underground services before work starts

Information to be recorded and given to relevant subcontractors

8. Exposure to hazardous substances on site

Who will maintain register of hazardous substances used on site. A copy kept available for access by all workers.

MSDS for all substances to be used will be recorded in the register – including all subcontractor used hazardous substances and their MSDS.

Methods of waste disposal of left over materials – paint, solvents etc

9. Falls from heights

Provide scaffolding around building before subcontractors or workers attempt work at heights of 2.0 metres or more.

Scaffolding to be fully decked and have handrails and toe or kick boards, and ladder access.

Provide guard railing around exposed roof edges and other high work areas e.g.: stairwells or balconies where fall could occur

“Scafftag” or other system to be implemented
Use of boom elevated work platforms by licensed operators only

10. Falling objects onto workers

Scaffolding to have toe or kick boards

Subcontractors to advise site supervisor where and when is to be done above other workers. This must be discussed in pre work meetings with subcontractors

Site supervisor to schedule work so that height work is not done above others .

Barricading of exclusions zones

11. Risks of excavation

Battering of trench, shoring up trench

12. Traffic – busy roads

Traffic control officer to guide delivery vehicles onto site Close part of road – arrange with suitable authority

13. Disruption to normal services eg:

− Accidental Fire Alarm or activation, loss of power or services

− Fire

Contact New Ark personnel and arrange appropriate isolation of services and supply before attempting any work

Use of Hot work permit system as per Specific Procedures (SP) policy/procedures availability of fire fighting equipment,

14. Other risks associated with this type of work or project

Confined spaces entry

Environmental Project Hazard / Risk – To prevent

Methods of Control that may be used

15. Excessive noise

Schedule excessively noisy jobs – after business hours Consultation with neighbours to enable other arrangements

16. Construction Site Water management – Grey water waste
– Storm water run off

Refer to Local Government requirements

Refer Soil erosion and sediment control – Engineering Guidelines for Qld Construction Sites – Institute of Engineers Aust [Qld] – LOCATED HERE

17. Soil and erosion protection

Refer Soil erosion and sediment control – Engineering Guidelines for Qld Construction Sites – Institute of Engineers Aust [Qld] – LOCATED HERE

18. Weed management – exposed cut areas only

Local arrangements with OFM – minimise intrusion into natural areas, mulching, artificial covers, tree retention / protection

19. Waste minimisation -containment

Recycling, re-use of material, reduction of packaging, removal of rubbish, prevention of birds and other fauna access to rubbish

20. Fire Ant containment / contamination

Check with local government /councils & OFM re: movement of soils, mulches etc

Certification of materials imported/moved to New Ark construction sites


As part of on-site work practices, subcontractors & workers shall be required to monitor, inspect & maintain their own levels of safety compliance. Furthermore, New Ark’s Construction Supervisor shall undertake informal site visits and, at least three (3) documented health and safety inspections (PERIODIC SAFETY INSPECTION CHECKLIST)  at the site throughout the duration of the project. Issues identified as part of these processes will be dealt with on site immediately where practicable and where deemed appropriate documented site instructions shall be issued to subcontractors.




Subcontractors are to be used on site for the majority of work activities. They will be required to fulfil the following minimum requirements as a condition of performing work on this project:

  • Prepare and submit to New Ark a specific safety plan/work method statement for high-risk activities prior to commencing work onsite
  • Organise a pre-work meeting with a representative of New Ark to discuss health and safety requirements of the project, the subcontractor’s safety plan/work method statement and any other specific information relating to the subcontractor’s activities
  • Ensure that all employed and subcontracted personnel are informed of the requirement to read and acknowledge the work method plan/site specific induction & information package prior to commencing any work
  • Make reasonable additions to their safety plan/work method statement(s) as requested by New Ark
  • Contact a New Ark representative immediately following the occurrence of any incident, injury, near miss, emergency or incident involving any person, including an employer, self-employed person, worker or member of the public
  • Discuss with a New Ark representative any workplace activity or hazard that is identified as being not satisfactorily controlled or dealt with on site
  • Undertake activities and work in a safe and healthy manner and in accordance with New Ark requirements, subcontractor work method statement requirements and the requirements of the WH&S Act & Regulations



In addition to this Construction Workplace Plan, the Construction Supervisor shall ensure the following records are maintained as applicable:

  1. WH&S Policy Statement | location: as part of this plan
  2. Responsibility Statements | location: view the register CLICK HERE TO VIEW 
  3. Hazard/Non-Compliance (HNC) Register | view the register CLICK HERE TO VIEW
  4. Site specific induction register | view the register CLICK HERE TO VIEW 
  5. Training & Competency Register | view the register CLICK HERE TO VIEW
  6. Periodic Site Safety Inspections & Register | view the register CLICK HERE TO VIEW 
  7. Monthly Health & Safety Report & Register | view the register: CLICK HERE TO VIEW
  8. New Ark Incident Reporting |  view the register: CLICK HERE TO VIEW
  9. ##READ THIS MP (management procedure) FIRST BEFORE REPORTING TO DTEIR## An incident is notifiable when it meets the criteria described in MP:08CLICK HERE TO READ MP08
  10. QLD Divisional Incident Record Form | view the register: CLICK HERE TO VIEW 
  11. SWMS, Job Safety Analysis Register | view the register: CLICK HERE TO VIEW 
  12. MSDS & Hazardous Substances Register | view the register: CLICK HERE to VIEW 



Health and Safety is of critical importance in the planning, organisation and undertaking of New Ark Pty Ltd’s operations. The company strives to maintain the highest of safety standards at all of its workplaces and project locations. It is the policy of New Ark to conduct its activities in such a way that the health, safety and well-being of employees and subcontractors is not in any way impaired or prejudiced as a result of working within or for the organisation.

To aid in the implementation of this Policy, New Ark shall:

  • Provide information, instruction and training for employees to increase personal understanding of workplace hazards and to ensure proper supervision; comply with all relevant statutory duties, regulations, advisory standards and industry codes and standards, making adequate provision of resources to meet these requirements;
  • Comply with all relevant statutory duties, regulations, advisory standards and industry codes and standards, making adequate provision of resources to meet these requirements;
  • Involve employees and sub-contractors on health and safety matters, and consult with them in ways to reduce workplace hazards and improve control systems;
  • Provide support, assistance and resources to ensure an integrated rehabilitation program is provided for all employees who sustain injury or illness;
  • Set short and long-term objectives in health and safety management as part of an ongoing action plan and regularly review its performance and that of its managers and general supervisors, against the objectives of this policy.

New Ark recognises that Health and Safety is both an individual and shared responsibility of all employees, subcontractors and other persons involved with the operation of the organisation. In this regard, we emphasise the need to follow and adhere to safe work practices at all times, to ensure that no person is exposed to a health and safety risk for themselves or any other person, and to develop an ever-improving safety culture within the company.

New Ark recognises that there is no task that is so important or so urgent that it releases the company, its managers, employees or subcontractors from the responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.




Acknowledge you have read this workplace plan: CLICK HERE

All parties who have had site specific induction can be viewed in the register which is LOCATED HERE



Thank you for helping to stay safe and keep others safe in our common workplace.

Anthony Painter – New Ark Pty Ltd

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